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82% of businesses fail because of poor cash management.

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Useful Money Stuff provides education tailored for small business owners to help them manage their money. Our aim is to ease the stress and challenges that come from managing finances without the right knowledge. We offer a range of resources including books, courses, and custom tools like spreadsheets, all crafted by a qualified accountant. What sets us apart is our commitment to simplicity: all our materials are written in plain English, with every piece of jargon clearly explained in language that’s easy to understand.

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Master Your Business’ Money: Explore Our Books & Courses


Unlock the secrets of successful financial management with our in-house developed accounting books. Tailored specifically for small business owners, these books are designed to simplify complex accounting and money management, offering practical advice and strategies to help you confidently manage your business’s finances. Perfect for both beginners and those looking to refresh their skills, our books serve as your go-to guide for all things accounting!


Explore our focused online courses, including the popular DIY Bookkeeping Course for small business owners. These courses are designed to give you the skills to manage your finances independently, saving you $$$ in bookkeeping fees. Each course combines practical know-how with easy-to-understand content to help you gain valuable accounting knowledge at your own pace, and discover how mastering bookkeeping can be a cost-effective solution for your business.  

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